Artwork & FAQ

Artwork Requirements

Artwork & FAQ: With the ease of sending files electronically, many clients provide us with a small graphic/logo or the entire sign

Vector artwork is preferred when available (AI, EPS, PDF). Vector artwork is an image created by way of points and paths. The artwork is then scalable (without distortion or pixilation) and editable.

  • If possible, scale to 100%. Fonts and Strokes must be outlined.
  • Files must be submitted in CMYK.
  • Embed all placed files.

Raster artwork can be submitted if vector artwork is not available (JPEG, BMP, PSD, TIF). A Raster image is created with pixels. When possible, scale to 100% with at least 150 PPI.

Files under 10 MB can be emailed to For larger files, contact Banner Up for FTP log-in information.

Banner Up Signs accepts raster and vector images for graphic and logo artwork.

Hours of Operation

Banner Up Signs is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 4:30.
Appointments can be made for before/after hours, if needed.

Turnaround Times

Production/installation depends on the type of project. Typically, projects can be completed within 2 to 10 business days. If your project is time sensitive, please state that at time of placing order.

Maintenance / Lifespan of Sign

Banner Up Signs does not believe in cutting corners to save a buck. Our focus is to produce a sign that is going to get the client the longest life possible. There are different grades of vinyl that warrant different lifespans. The same can be said about production method on permanent signs. We will work with clients to determine what they expect the lifespan of their purchase to be.

Vehicle graphics are a great way to promote a product/service or to add style to an otherwise plain surface. There is special care that is needed when it comes to vinyl on vehicles.

Magnetics also require care and maintenance to make sure the surface of the vehicle is not degraded and that the magnetics don’t fly off during travel.

Additional Care Guides