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Lettering your company vehicles is one of the best things you can do for your business, because it packs more “bang for your buck” than any other type of advertising. How? Be essentially turning your vehicle into a rolling billboard! Here at Banner Up Signs in Sycamore, IL, we are proud to offer just about any type of vehicle lettering and graphics that you could imagine. This includes cut vinyl lettering, printed lettering and graphics, full wraps, partial wraps, and perforated window graphics. With the help of our experienced graphic design and installation staff, your vehicle (or fleet of vehicles), is sure to impress. Better yet, the vinyl we use won’t damage your car’s paint, and it can be completely removed later on, if you’re leasing a vehicle or planning to sell yours in the future.

Last week, we added lettering and graphics to a new truck belonging to Axis Seed Direct of Genoa, IL. After the client spoke to us about the job, our designer put together a proof showing a couple different options of what their finished vehicle could look like. After choosing the design they liked most, they worked with us on a few small changes, until they were happy with what they saw. Once their design was approved, they scheduled an installation date and time at our shop.

When they brought in their truck for installation, they had a special request – they asked us to create miniature versions of the decals to install on their son’s toy truck. It was the same model as his dad’s new truck, and he wanted them to match. Of course, we said yes, and ended up turning out graphics for two new trucks instead of one!

Are you considering adding lettering, logos or graphics to your company vehicle?  Have you been wondering how to get a wrap for your own car, truck, van, trailer, or semi? Contact Banner Up Signs and we’ll be happy to answer all of your vehicle advertising questions! We can be reached by phone at 815-899-9211, or you can click “CONTACT” in the upper right area of the screen to send us a note.

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