Road Sign for Timbers Professional Center in St. Charles, IL

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“After” photo of the new aluminum and steel sign structure with river rock veneer, installed by Banner Up Signs of Sycamore, IL.

“Before” photo of the original redwood post and panel sign at Timbers Professional Center in St. Charles, IL.

In 2016, Banner Up Signs was invited to bid on a big project for the Timbers Professional Center in St. Charles, IL. Their existing road sign, an old redwood V-shaped post and panel setup, was in a state of disrepair and ready to be replaced completely. After Banner Up Signs won the bid, Timbers provided us with the sign design, which we were tasked with building and installing. Please note that providing your own design is not a common step in our sign-making process – we are happy to handle that end of things, too! In this case, the client had already completed the design with an outside designer before the job was bid out.

Originally, the plan was to remove the existing sign, which had been in place for over 30 years, and place the new one in the same spot. However, after we conducted a professional site survey, it was discovered that their lot line had moved – it now went directly through the middle of the existing sign. City regulations require that signs are at least 10 feet from the lot line, so we had to make a new plan. Ultimately, we decided to place the new structure on the opposite side of their entrance. We partnered with one of our wholesale manufacturers to help build the sign itself, due to its size and complexity. Fostering good relations with neighboring businesses is something Banner Up Signs prides itself on. This helps to ensure that our clients always get the best quality signs, even if some parts of the process rest just outside of our wheelhouse.

When it was time to begin building, the first step was to set up the concrete footing. The footing was made rather large at 3’ by 3’ by 54” deep, to offset the weight of the cantilevered sign design. A steel support structure was set into the concrete, which the aluminum sign was slid onto after being transported to the site. One side of the sign was designed to be removable, allowing access to the inside for welding it onto the steel. Lastly, a concrete block and river rock stone veneer was constructed around the vertical support pole, beautifying the whole area and hiding the sign’s structural components. This spring, roughly 15 square feet of landscaping will be added to the area, completing the overall look.

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