Re-branding is Becoming a Central Industry Strategy

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Re-branding is Becoming a Central Industry Strategy

McDonald’s is doing it right now. Walmart just finished. Many office complexes are going through the process as we speak. That process is rebranding and the industry just gets bigger and bigger.

Wendy’s alone is spending up to $750,000 per restaurants or over a half billion dollars to renovate its company owned restaurants with a large part of that going to signs and graphics. Competitive pressures have made re-branding a necessity and constant corporate mergers have forced airlines and banks to change frequently.

The nature of these changes greatly benefits the sign industry. Many of these design firms behind these changes including Landor, Fitch and Lippincott have focused on signs, graphics, surface materials and lighting in these renovations both to save money and promote speed. Sign companies have reaped this windfall and have adapted to the speed of the industry with new modular products and durable printable materials.